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Barcelona apartments
Barcelona apartments are one of the most used ways to stay in Barcelona. City of Gaudi, beach, culture and art located in the north of Spain (Catalonia). Find all rental apartments in Barcelona.
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Miro F Persons: 4 Rating: **** Calle Girona Persons: 9 Rating: **** Margarita Persons: 6 Rating: ***
Spacious apartment in Eixample with terrace Persons: 6 Rating: **** Donna Persons: 4 Rating: **** Gaudir 2 Persons: 4 Rating: ****
Salon Piscina 2013

Salon Piscina is an increasingly important event. This unique business happening attracts poolmakers and related [Read More]

Mobile World Congress 2014

MWC14 is on the program again for February 2014. This congress, that can proudly consider [Read More]

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